Make New Company

Make New — Digital Product Studio

Make New is a digital design studio. We help uncover opportunities and bring ideas to life through design & code.

The Make New Company magic process



We work with passionate entrepreneurs, startups, and established companies to build digital products and solve problems with design and technology.

We're a small, flexible team of designers, developers, and strategists. We wear multiple hats and communicate well. Our specialty is untangling the knots and creating digital experiences that are cohesive, clean, and speak from the same voice.


Our projects typically involve


Product strategy

Prototyping & design systems

UI/UX for mobile & web apps

iOS & web app development

Brand Strategy

Brand identity



R E C E N T   W O R K



Product design & iOS development for OhMD



A new design system for FutureMe



We're based in the upper-right,
at Study Hall.


209 College St. #3E
Burlington, VT


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