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Front-end web developer

We're looking for a front-end developer (you?) to help us make internet together. Someone who can handle rapid prototyping through implementing designs for full-fledged web applications, and also likes to experiment with weird new web things and ideas.

Curiosity is key, as is clean code. And you must give many damns about nicely implemented design. An interest in gifs, dad jokes (being male, or a father, is not necessary — dad jokes are a lifestyle), coffee, and music is preferable but certainly not mandatory. We work in a sunny space in downtown Burlington — you can come work here, or work from afar. 

Familiarity with CSS preprocessors and at least one JavaScript framework (e.g., react/angular/ember) is required. Experience with various CMS (e.g., Siteleaf/Contentful/Craft) would be helpful.

Sound good? Get in touch.